Aperture: backing up referenced originals

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Re: Aperture: backing up referenced originals

noirdesir wrote:

Paul_R_H wrote:

Thanks. But doesn't TM make something other than a clone of the original disk?

No, it does not make a clone but one doesn't require a folder of images to be bootable, so any tool can be used to back those up (some are better suited and some less but that depends on your precise needs).

And anyway, can one use TM to back up one external drive to another? I thought it was just for backing up the internal drive onto an external.

TM by default excludes external drives by putting them onto an exclude list (System Preferences -> Time Machine -> Options) but you just have to remove them from there and they will be backed up by TM.

The simplest step to backing things up on Mac is to get a large enough target disk and enable TM. If you want bootability, add a clone of your boot drive to your backup routine. If you want to backup some data on a different schedule or to a different drive get a third-party backup tool and set it up to copy these data to the location of your choice at the schedule of your choice.

My choice for such a la carte backups is Synk but CCC will do as well (SD is more cumbersome to setup for such a purpose). Chronosync gets mentioned a lot as well but I have no personal experience with it.


My Time Capsule isn't big enough to hold all the originals, which is why some while ago excluded Aperture Library form Time Machine some while ago, and instead added other disks for Aperture vaults. Now I've gone to referenced originals, I have a simple folder structure on the primary backup HD, so it's not too hard to replicate it on another.

I also have an old backup utility called File Synchronization which I use to keep work docs synced between my iMac and MBA; that could also keep the primary and secondary backups ion sync I think.

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