Traded my D90 to an EP-3 and now starting to ask why I did it.

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Re: Traded my D90 to an EP-3 and now starting to ask why I did it.

redjuan wrote:

I just recently traded my Nikon D90 to an Olympus EP-3 and now I'm starting to regret it,maybe because I just realized that the image quality from the EP-3 cannot match from that of my D90 and also lenses are quiet expensive especially primes.Well,there's no turning back now ,but will please someone tell me how can I get the most out of my EP-3?In terms of settings and whatnot.I will mainly use this for street photography .

sorry some of these threads are pathetic.

1) why didnt you just check the pricing of the relevant lenses BEFORE getting the ep-3

2) why didnt you go for the latest sensor

3) why dont you just get a used d90 with the long overdue sensor for next to nothing

It's a straight trade and I don't have a choice for a newer model because it is the one being offered.
Can't you understand that?Ofcourse I know how much oly lenses cost that is why I'm asking now for tips on how I can get the best on what I have right now.If you do not have anything with sense to say and not willing to help then just ignore this thread and look away.

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