Habitual liars?

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Re: Habitual liars?

Bill Force wrote:

Whether or not you have noticed the country is totally pollerized,

So, you personally are working hard, in all humility and preparedness to compromise, in order to help reconcile and heal this polarisation - to always seek the common ground and mutual respect by default - for the good of the nation and the world...

or, do you maybe feel that such polarisation is a great idea worth whipping up even more... preferring not to share the governance of US life in any meaningful way, with people of different political and social attitudes than yours? Bring on the apocalypse, that'll sort out the wheat from the chaff, that kind of millennial attitude. Or perhaps: fetch the pitchforks, let's storm the castle and crush this unnatural behaviour, "they" have no right to even think those ways.

(understatement:) your public pronouncements lead me to... doubt that you favour reconciliation.

For some people, "divided" means: we haven't yet completely managed to suppress the opposite view. On this basis, the presence of opposed views is an inescapable, constant irritant.

For others, "divided" means: we haven't yet found a way for everyone to get along and retain their liberty to the extent achievable, despite their opposed views. On this basis, the presence of your own view is not necessarily a problem for other people, as well as vice versa.

Guess which approach is the more constructive and healthy for a nation? The USA was designed  to be a pluralism and if anything, THAT concept is what is in danger - it is in danger when the hard-liners on both sides give up talking with each other, and only talk at each other.

There is - when it comes to getting things done - no room in practical public life, for the hard line. And if you demand the intransigent hard line from your politicans, they will accordingly be unable to help you as they should. You will have made an army that refuses to settle a peace, but insists only on war.

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