WB for Snow

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John Motts Veteran Member • Posts: 5,408
Re: WB for snow: set according the available light and not the subject

RedFox88 wrote:

John Motts wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

Osvaldo Cristo wrote:

same light (as a Kodak gray card).

How about just a grey card? Kodak doesn't exist anymore!

Actually the famous old Kodak grey cards were made just for exposure. They aren't actually perfectly neutral in colour.

Um, that's what a grey card is made for, nothing special to the "kodak" that you make reference to. They've gone bankrupt and are selling off their assests and patents to pay their huge debt.

Um, you were talking about using grey cards for colour/white balance, which is not what the Kodak cards were made for. As I said, they were made for exposure readings with a light meter.

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