Yet another OM-D vs. GH3 thread

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Could it depend on where you are coming from?

Anders W wrote:

This is a point which I have sometimes seen mentioned before. However, In spite of repeatedly asking those who make such claims, I have never got an answer that manages to specify exactly what is "more intuitive, logical, and simpler" about the menu system on the GH3 (or other Panasonics) than on the E-M5. Of course, the E-M5 has a large number of menu settings. So, however, I would guess, has the GH3. So precisely what is so much better about the GH3 menus?

Personally, I haven't found a whole lot to complain about as far as the E-M5 menus are concerned, in spite of coming from a Panasonic G1. Apparently, the same is true about DPR. Here's what they have to say about the matter in their review of the E-M5:

"The menus are about as logically laid-out as they can be, given how many options and settings they contain. To get the most out of the E-M5, it's well-worth scanning through the options in the Settings menu, on the next page of this review. There you'll find options to customize almost every aspect of the camera's behavior, including changing button functions, control interfaces and display options."

Interesting. Although I hold a British passport, I have an Irish grandfather, so am legally entitled to become an Irish citizen if I want to do so. I am also morally allowed to tell Irish jokes, so here goes:

A tourist is lost in the middle of Ireland and desperate to find the road to Dublin to catch his ferry. He stops by a local man and asks for directions for the road to Dublin. The Irishman pauses for a while and replies.

"If I was you I wouldn't start from here."

Could it be the same thing with camera menus?

If you come from a background of Panasonic menus you will find the GH3 menus very intuitive. If you come from a background of Olympus menus you will find the E-M5 very intuitive.

P.S. Satnavs have recently taken all the fun out of getting lost in the middle of Ireland. I speak from personal experience when visiting my cousins in County Limerick.

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