Not your typical FZ200 moon shot

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Re: No werewolves....

Mr Jasek,

Although your moon pic is an eye-catcher I have to admit to preferring the pic of the big dawg.  The moon pic reminds me of that night long ago when I was possesed by the spirit of Charles Dickens' dead cat (the fourth he had, a one-eyed tabby).  It was a very unsettling experience, one of the few I try not to think about.

There have been one or three spooky images in this forum of late.

So the dog pic is a relief, as I imagine myself at t'other end of that sofa patting it's rump and gurgling childish dog-admire phrases at it.  "Whoosagulathen" and similar.

Anyway, never one to pass up on opportunity, at even the most oblique of prompts, to post pics of his beloved collies, here are some.  As Mr Nomy notes, they're all stick-mad.

Collies having their bedtime story

Gunnar & Ollie at Angle Tarn

Gunnar in the buttercups (he's a bit of a hippy)

Ollie with stick No. 43,721

Ollie & Gunnar in the Bowland Fells (with stick No. 53,796)

SirLataxe, collie-slave and expert stick&ball hoyer.

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