The Raw v JPEG challenge (RX100)

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Re: The Raw v JPEG challenge (RX100)

I think that before getting into endless debates about to RAW or not to RAW, there is a very important question that should be asked first - to process or not to process.

This is very personal and is just a matter of what you want to do with your photos. Nothing technical.

For those who are happy with what they get out of the camera and have no intention to do any further image processing, the question weather to shoot raw or not, is completely irrelevant. Of course, we can also debate over the question to process or not, but this is a different matter.

Those who have decided to post process their photos for any reason, and are ready to invest the extra time and effort involved in it, should know that with modern programs such as Lightroom, there is no difference between processing a raw file or a jpg. Both take exactly the same time and require the same effort. As a matter of fact, with the right skills, it is even easier and faster to process a raw file than a jpg.

If this is the, case I see no reason to use jpg at the first place. It is more simple and efficient to use one workflow only to process all the photos compared to a more complicated workflow, based on jpg and then switch to raw for all the cases when jpg isn't good enough. For me, it is as simple as that.


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