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rattymouse wrote:

Mr Hyde wrote:

I need to replace my laptop. I don't have room for a desktop in my setup, so I have to use a laptop. I looked at a few today, including the Macbook Pro, retina display. Whilst it is expensive it is impressive, and it's actually comparable in price to any similarly specified Windows laptop, although I'd need to factor in a SuperDrive and the Mac version of Office. However, as a former Mac user, I have now got used to Windows, and have a fair amount of Windows software, including Xara Designer Pro, which I use regularly. I'd appreciate any recommendations for a Windows laptop which would be ok for amateur (very) photo processing by someone actually using their laptop for this purpose rather than relying on online reviews, which are often very general.

Thanks for any recommendations.

Macbook Pro is excellent and will last a LONG time so factor that into the total cost. I'm on my 4th year with mine and it feels perfectly fine using it. I use Open Office and never need any Microsoft products. Open Office can substitute just fine for Word and Excel in almost all cases.

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I'm on my 6th year with mine (mid 2007 model), 7th in June. It is in shyte shape thanks to me. The first time it was dropped was the fault of my then boss. It fell quite calmly from the top of a large suitcase whilst in its case. The second was whilst cleaning my house, I flipped the computer from its stand (a large aluminium thing) to the floor where it crashed face down after rotating 180 degrees in the air. The third time the laptop was dropped onto bare ice, corner down. The frame bent this time. The 4th time was from 1,2 metres up onto a Japanese toilet (the ones in the ground).

Since then, it has had a full cup of water spilled onto it, and consequently been hair dried (keys melted off). The thing still works great, though my recent acquisition of a D800 is running its paltry 4GB memory into the ground. I expect an iMac in a few weeks.

The Mac is made very very well. It shouldn't survive the abuse it's received.

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