Love/criticism for new photography hobby!

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Re: Love/criticism for new photography hobby!


I am not a pro, but I would like to share my view.

The first image IMHO is much overprocesed: you've exaggerated probably pseudo-hdr effect - the clouds are unnaturally black, and there is even a white envelope around the branches - it doesn't look good. But on the other hand the composition looks fine for me.

The second image looks very artifficial too, too much post-processing, but again, the composition seems pretty good.

The third looks interesting, I've started wondering "what t f is this? nuclear powerplant controller?":) it's good, because it's intriguing

The forth looks fine, but I would like the mercedes sign not to be cropped at the top.

In the end I want to confess, that I've made very many over-processed images beginning the hobby, it just takes time to cool down the fascionation of computer effects and start to appreciate balanced images. HDR-effect can be great (i. e. to emphasize the rough surfaces), but it have to be "handled with care".

Good luck!

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