how to respond when asked "why don't you get a DSLR?"

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Re: how to respond when asked "why don't you get a DSLR?"

If you are discussing your preference with paople who know anything about photography technic they will be quick to understand your reasoning that bulky mirrorboxes with flapping mirrors are the state of art of the pre 1920s and absolutely ridiculous in digital cameras that show you the image from the sensor anyway. Then you can demonstrate how much smaller and lighter the body and lenses can be because of the smaller distance between back element and sensor. In the case of the NEX 6 and 7 you can demonstrate how superior the EVF is compared to the small tunnel VFs of the entry level DSLRs. Legacy lenses and superior manual focussing - makes my DSLR friends drool.

I have only been using my NEX kit for 4 weeks now but I already have at least 2 converts from the DSLR camp. Most DSLR shooters aren't aware of the benefits of NEX, Pen etc. I believe FF DSLRs will survive for some time for pros and former middle format applications and have advantages in sports etc. under extreme conditions.

And if I discuss with people who know very little about cameras they will be impressed about my advanced P&S. OK with me too, why argue. Understatement can be an advantage.

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