Should I just switch to jpg on my RX100?

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Re: I guess you have your answer then!

2eyesee wrote:

DFPanno wrote:

I guess you have your answer then!

That may well be the case.

I've been looking at RX100 RAW vs JPG today and in terms of dynamic range the JPG's seem to hold up very well against the RAW's. In fact I can only really notice a difference if I lift deep shadows in the RAW file, but even then the difference is subtle and only when viewing 100%.

With my current skill level (or lack of it!), I don't really think the RAW's offer me anything that I don't get with the JPG's, so I'll probably end up just switching to JPG only.

I'm still a little hesitant though - I could find myself in 5 years time thinking I was an idiot not to shoot RAW!

Not so fast...

Just as I was convinced I was going to stop shooting RAW, this post by Docno in another thread was enough to make me stay with RAW:

I tried some similar shots myself and verified that indeed RAW does have the ability to recover a lot more detail from areas like overexposed skies.

Thank to everyone for their comments on this thread too.

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