Nice to finally see positive review of Oly 17mm 1.8 :)

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Re: 17mm overpriced?

glokenpop wrote:

OK $500 dollars is $500 dollars and that is a lot of money. But lens are expensive what are people expecting? But the 20 1.7 is cheaper? Not when it came out it wasn't. The new Canon 35mm F2 is well over $800 and yes there are cheaper lenses but in the landscape of specialty lenses $500 is not expensive - particularly for a newly designed lens.

I think the only thing Olympus has done wrong is making the 45 and selling it too cheap. If anything they should have put that lens in the fancy metal form and this one in the cheaper plastic design.

As is people should be really happy that they can get the 45 for so little and the 17 for what is quite a reasonable price.

Agreed. Oly's 45mm is basically perfection ... for cheap! That same level of frugal perfection was expected of the 17mm 1.8. But you are right, given its metal top-notch build quality $500 is actually quite reasonable.

If I'm being honest, it feels like Oly under-charged for their 45mm, and I don't know how they did it but I'm glad!


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