Will Nikon improve D800 Liveview with firmware?

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Re: Puzzled

Johan01 wrote:

Steve Bingham wrote:

I am shaking my head. Wondering. What landscapes are you shooting in low light that you can't focus? Example, please. I am amazed you are having so many problems. No insult meant, but I just don't get it. Sorry.

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Steve Bingham

It's true that I can make the thing focus if I really needed to. All it takes is a strong flashlight to help out if needed, like I stated very clearly. For my type of work, I need to work VERY quickly. My style of landscape photography usually requires that I need to change settings and focus as fast as possible and repeat those cycles of exposure and focus as rapidly as possible to get the best of very short lived moments. Obviously this does not always apply to every landscape, but for the ones it does apply to, it matters greatly for me.

Even if the LV was what I wanted, the lack of some single-handed controls would still be enough to make it a less useful tool for me.

I understand the type of work you do Johan and share your frustrations with the 800. To your list of frustrations I would add the issue that LV locks up until the image is written. I think these issues only really show up for tripod shooters working with stitching images and certain other landscape work. For handheld stuff I like it rather more.

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