Moving on from posts re selling a Fuji X camera or X-trans problems...

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Re: Moving on from posts re selling a Fuji X camera or X-trans problems...

sgoldswo wrote:

John Carson wrote:

sgoldswo wrote:

John Carson wrote:

sgoldswo wrote:

I agree with you, up to the point where they ask the exact same question that's literally just fallen off the front page, as it falls off (sometimes before it falls off).

Novice users generally are the least likely to know to do a search so this is not surprising at all.

In any event, the particular case that prompted the original post was a new poster who posted twice, 2 months ago, loved his X-Pro1, now two months later he posts again - he hates it because it isn't a DSLR and is selling it. Bit odd? I recently sold a camera and I didn't feel the need to tell another DPR forum where I posted semi regularly - why would someone who is even less involved do that?

Why make the original posts? A desire to share their experience presumably. Having made a public statement endorsing a camera, a person might then feel the need to "correct the record" in light of further experience.

why bother? No one would question it.

I find that a strange question. If you were on record expressing an opinion and you no longer held that opinion, wouldn't you want to correct it?

no, not at all, not if I wasn't going to "speak" to those people again. Particularly since 2 posts are nothing in the grand scheme of the DPR forums. It's hardly Hansard.

People express opinions in order to support a point of view. If they change their mind, then their on-record statements are now supporting a point of view that they no longer agree with. It is natural to want to correct that

what's "normal" is to tell the bunch of people you have joined, not the one you have decided to leave...

really? in freudian terms, this looks like denial or evasion. apart from the fact that a lot more is to be learned from the leavers than from the joiners. the latter have as yet no experience to speak of with the camera at hand, while the former have started out very positively, as every joiner would, but somehow experience has pushed them in another direction. i am always very interested in their experiences or judgements, which i review critically as i do everything, but nevertheless. and i am particularly grateful for leavers' comments that are factual, detailed and let's say grown-up. (the sadder-but-wiser kind of tone, which doen't always prevail on the web.) very helpful, even if i do not agree with them.

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