OM-D E-M5 a huge disappointment for me...

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Re: Just wondering...

Prairie Pal wrote:

BobTheLob wrote:

Hmm. Just read this thread and did a quick and nasty test using my E-PL5 and kit 14-42 lens at 42mm photographing a brick wall (what else) hand held. At 1/30 second my shots were not sharp whether IBIS was on or off. At 1/200 the shots were sharp. After turning on Anti-Shock I tried again with 1/30 second - shots were sharp and I didn't find the lag too bothersome. Well you learn something new every day...

Cheers, Bob

I don't find the 1/8 second much of a delay either. Some people are disappointed with Oly, thinking it's a desing flaw, when in fact shutter shock has always been an issue as long as I've been taking pictures (40 years), but of course back then we called it "mirror slap" (in DSLR's with mirrors). Oly does a good thing by giving us the option to delay exposure when our shutter speeds fall in that range where double images will register.

Mirror slap can be a problem with a dslr, but in my experience typically with 1/8s or longer exposures.  I am struggling to adapt to a 1/8s anti-shock delay with the OM-D E-M5, but I see that for many others they do not find it much of a problem at all, which gives me hope...

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