Fuji X pro 1 / XE 1 can be easily misunderstood

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Fuji X pro 1 / XE 1 can be easily misunderstood

99% of this camera's performance is good for the type of photography it is designed to do.

- I never expect this camera would have zappy AF speed like a DSLR. Sure it could be faster but I do not use it to shoot action.

- Raw issues: it is not as convenient. I know. But since the Fuji super ccd days I know better it's either I shoot jpg or covert the raw via the less user friendly Silkypix software. If I think I am going to batch process a bunch of raw files quickly I would probably use my Canon first. A simpler solution is just getting the wb and exposure right, shoot mainly jpg, raw + jpg if needed, then use the RAW as the last resource if I need big print or fine tuning. The fuji jpg is so good I don't feel like I need to go to RAW and develop all the time.

Photography with the Fuji Raw is like old darkroom work. You go there and take your time to do it properly. And there are other developer out there, whether it fits your personal need is another thing.

Of course there are things I hate but could live with. Hopefully they can fix them in future fw like:

Being able to customize folders, or have the camera start a new folder in each day.

Beef up the movie function.

As the X100s is not out in the stores I can't really say how the new AF performs. It seems like they will be on par with NEX in the next gen or so.

I did some causal shooting and can already tell the AA filterless images are very sharp even at 100%. There is no moire / fc issue and the 18-55 is a great lens. I don't think I would prefer the OM-D even tough it has faster AF.

Fujifilm X100S
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