Pocket wizard Plus III & Flex TT5

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Re: Pocket wizard Plus III & Flex TT5

DecibelPhoto wrote:

Yeah you just have to plug your flex into your computer and check what your standard receive channels are set to. Then set your plus III to the same thing.

Hi DecibelPhoto,

I seem to have the same problem here and hoping you or another might be able to help

I've just got a FlexTT5 and Plus III for my D700. I've attached the III to the D700 and the TT5 to my SB-910 for remote flash trigger setup. I've checked the channel setting on the TT5, which is set to channel 1, and set the III to the same channel. I've followed the manual for other recommended settings including changing Nikon Custom Setting 'e1 Flash sync speed' to '1/250s (Auto FP)' and setting 910 to standard illumination pattern.

Problem is that when I test the setup the 910 is not firing. The 910 seems to be communicating with the TT5 OK. It looks like the III is not communicating with the TT5. When I press the test button on the III I get no response from the TT5 and 910.

Anyone have any ideas? The answer is probably right in front of me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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