Canon S90 versus G15

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Re: Canon S90 versus G15. G15 for me

I own both cameras.  In fact, I bought the G15 to address shortcomings of the S90.  The AF on the S90 is glacially slow compared to the G15, and the shutter lag is similarly faster for the G.  I don't notice any difference in IQ, but you'll get way more good photos of kids, etc, with the G15  The HD video is a nice, too.

I use my G15 as a hunt camera.  With the S90, I couldn't get good photos of my dog retrieving a bird.  I took this photo just as a test the other day.  While not perfect, this image wouldn't have happened with the S90.:

The G15 is definitely larger, and I struggled with this at first.  Today, I used the neck strap, but kept the camera in the left pocket of my Pendleton wool shirt.  It fits fine, and is always easily accessible, just as much so as an S90 would be.

Here are a couple of snapshots from today.  I think the IQ is fine.:

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