The difficulty of film

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Re: The difficulty of film

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Ansel Andams has become the Mesiah for digital snap shooters(I hesitate using photographers). I would also say that most that quote Ansel are only readers of whatever was written by him or about him. I've paid my dues many years processing film so I'm aware of the work involved. The prime rule then was get it right in the camera.

Yes, but getting it right in the camera did not necessarily mean that you shot an image what would print straight to paper without manipulation, it mean that you created the best negative with as much information as possible and shooting raw is much the same. Both the negative and raw image often require significant amounts of manipulation in development and post processing to arrive at the desired image. Getting it right in digital does not mean that you have a perfect jpeg straight ooc.

Remember too that back in the film days, Polaroid shots were often used extensively before the final image was exposed on film so the photographer had a very good idea of how his image was going to look. With sheet film, you could manipulate your exposure and development time to optimize the contrast and DR for a scene.

Nothing has changed; if you shoot an image that's poorly composed and exposed, no amount of work in photoshop is going to turn it into a masterpiece. You can "fix" pretty much the same things now as you could with film, it's just much easier to do now.

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