7D2 - not coming soon? - Anyone translate Japanese Canon interview

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Re: Here's the best translation

David_C wrote:


Update:Reader DePaula (thanks!) was so kind to translate the EOS 7D part. Here is the translation:

DKW: As for the readers of DigiKame Watch, there are many who are waiting for the EOS 7D’s sucessor. Up through the release of last year’s major firmware update, there were many who felt that a new model with even better specs would be released shortly…

MM: Yes, they would be correct. For us, it’s about looking at what the camera has the potential to be and then adding that to what it can currently do. I do think the current model is still very attractive to buyers. And while we are, of course, developing its successor, it’ll be one that incorporates a certain number of innovative technologies. We will not be putting out a product with merely better specs, but one that has evolved into new territory. But then again, we’re not talking about something a long time from now either.

for stills part.. 1dx AF.. AF at F8, Double the fps, improved flash, Low noise at High ISO.. improved weather sealing. improved DR, Dual CF as for megapixel Im happy with 18.. but if they go up maybe 24mp?

And for video Since the 7D has its own video switch.

The very first Canon DSLR with peaking and zebra, maybe include C-log? or just use picturestyle, since price would shoot up ?
Full Frame (the whole sensor) recording of 1080p@60fps, Crop mode S-35 1080p@60fps, And A true 1080p Crop mode. Improved Video codec. Better down scaling from sensor to video so no more aliasing /morie. Maybe a canon version of Raw Video ??

Head phone out. Clean HDMI out. maybe a battery grip with other extra connection for video too ?

And what the heck,, And add 5K Video with 24p and 25p 30p. and this is where dual card would come into play since 5k eats cards really fast. And it will sell like crazy for the video crowds. And canon will make more money from the 7DII then 1DC

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