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Re: Dance Solo Photos Suggestions Clarification

cpharm86 wrote:

Phil wrote:

The camera sees what the camera sees.

I shoot action sports professionally and it takes some some shot pre-planning. Step one is to decide how large a DOF you'll need to tolerate the miss queues the AF system is likely to have and still yield the photo you want. I carried a DOF circular slide rule for years but now I have an Android ap for that.

You're going to need a 5-6 foot DOF (to tolerate any arm position) if you pick a lower single point focus point that you keep on her hips. If you let the camera choose it may pick an arm swinging towards you and then you'll need a 9-10 foot DOF.

I only use TV at 1/500 therefore shot almost wide open causing some of the issues.

The comment that the images appear front focused confirms the camera is selecting the arm as a focus target. And you should be shooting AI-Servo as your subject moves.

I did use AI-Servo.

The images seem a little cool and her eye make-up a little heavy, as in stage ready make-up, but newer cameras don't love heavy eye make-up.

Thanks for your input.

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Phil Agur
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What ISO are you using?  With the high ISO capability of the newest cameras, I wouldn't be afraid to pump it up to get more DOF at 1/500. And I'd consider going to 1/1000 if you're trying to freeze action, or go slower to emphasize the movement.

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