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Re: Zardoz exposed - so don't carry on

RJPeter wrote:

Ratty you have just given a very good example of what I was commenting about. You see things differently than me. Yes there were some who did what you said, but many others were lumped into the same basket.

At no stage did I deny there were problems, but still got labelled a fanboy for my troubles.

Now it seems that a similar thing is happening. Someone new to the forum is being put down for liking the results from her camera. Not someone who has an axe to grind with those who raise the problems that exist.

The vast majority of X10 battles were due to people denying that there was ANY problem at all with the camera.  I know.  I was there and part of it.  I was conflicted over buying the camera and part of the people who thought there was a problem.  I was constantly told that the sensor was OK and that any orbing problem was completely blown out of proportion.  Claims were thrown around like "no orbs in 5,000 pics" or "1 orb every 2,000 pics".  Stuff like that.  I fell for those lies and then bought an X10.  I got ORBS the first time I shot the camera, walking home from the store.  Dozens of them.   The deniers lied their butts off, big time.

Some innocents may have been caught up in the battle and I do agree, this was an extreme time in Fujifilm land.  But the extremism was caused completely by those who shouted down or tried to shout down anyone talking about the problem.  A very real, and belatedly acknowledged problem by Fujifilm.

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