Which non-DSLR camera for real estate photography?

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Re: Which non-DSLR camera for real estate photography?

I got into digital photography to shoot real estate. NEX and M4/3 have UWA lenses. Without a true UWA lens (18mmEQ or wider) the only way I know of to document an entire room or a large scene on a narrow street is Sony's sweep panorama. That's the main reason I chose a Sony P&S(HX1, just to date my entry into all this) before going to the DSLR

The panoramas were received pretty well by prospects, but some complained about that type of distortion, which was my primary motivation to going to the DSLR with the UWA zoom. The UWA distortion is more commonly seen by most people and gets no complaints.

I have also had bad results with on camera flash. The light falls off as objects get farther from the camera. Sometimes it is OK, but more often than not it is a problem. A tripod and Photomatix solves the problem. The other way to solve the problem is to set out 8 or so off camera flash units to light everything more evenly. The tripod and Photomatix is faster, easier, and requires less gear. The surreal effects can be eliminated with a little practice. (I like the surreal effects, but am definitely in the minority here.)

If you want the color and detail of an interior and the view out of the window, it is HDR or multiple flash, unless you can always be there when the setting or rising sun provides similar luminance to the interior lighting. (I look at property all day and have to have a decent shot now most of the time.)

The tripod also mitigates your need for high ISO.

All the best to you in your quest,

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