Recent trip to Cusco and Macchu Picchu, C&C welcome!

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Re: Recent trip to Cusco and Macchu Picchu, C&C welcome!

JIMBO3031NIKON wrote:

nfpotter wrote:

Sorry, man. None of them do anything for me. Most of the compositions are sterile, quite a few are tilted, and most or all are lacking "punch" in the PP department.

I know this sounds a bit harsh, but I'm being honest, and I personally hate it where I post pics and no one replies.

If you'd like my input on what I would have done differently on any individual one of them, feel free to ask, and I'll do my best to give you some constructive feedback.

Cheers! Keep shooting!

No PP, I shoot for pleasure only when I have the time and straight from the camera. Sterile? I guess you are into other subjects. Thanks for stoping.

No. I'm "into" many subjects, including ones like you've shot. And if you want your photography to advance, you will HAVE TO learn some basic PP skills at some point. It's like the darkroom is to film.  And even if you did want to only use straight from camera shots, you could have been results with some in-camera settings tweaked.

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