DO NOT BUY THE Carry Speed Strap (CS-PRO)

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Re: DO NOT BUY THE Carry Speed Strap (CS-PRO)

Yipes! Whatever happened to good old fashioned American know how? The CS-PRO is a great product. But you have to frig around with it just a little bit.  It worked just fine right out of the box on my t4i then I read all the complaints here. I do use a battery grip so off the top that makes it easier. The complaints seem to center on the fact that without a grip the mounting plate blocks the battery compartment of the camera. And it does if you follow the instructions that come with the thing. Simple solution.Turn the mounting plate 90 degrees. The post holes are now on either side of the camera. Fasten the post on the hole at the back of the camera. Voila. Problem solved. The left end of the camera will rest on your hip the right end will be just where you need it when it's time to grab and raise the camera. Plus, it looks cool. Carry Sport obviously needs to work on their communications skills.

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