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Re: OK, now that was ...

Great Bustard wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

Joe Pineapples wrote:

Does anyone read the feedback? I'd like to think so; but I've seen little evidence of it.

sjgcit wrote:

Just because you sent a suggestion does not mean DPR will take it up.

Don't confuse something not being done with you being ignored.

I have a profound, lasting faith that Joe and all members will appreciate the substantive difference.

...freakin' hilarious! 10/10!

Lord Bustard, I know from the fruits of your public epistles that you yourself are something of a sometime believer in (at least the philosophical possibility of) a teleologically based "benign translucence" through which the sublime silently illuminates the world both in and through the realms of corporeal consciousness, ...

... such that even in what may seem the most profound and deep of silences we may, in our unshakeable faithfulness, nevertheless trust that our every humble tweet is most duly noted ...

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