Let's petition Metabones for a Canon to Fuji SpeedBooster!

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Re: Let's petition Metabones for a Canon to Fuji SpeedBooster!

newone757 wrote:

shigzeo ? wrote:

I'm sure that is not true. The body changes the aperture in the lens after the lens tells the body what setting it wants. The Fuji lenses have NO manual control of aperture or focus. It is as EF as Canon's system is. Fuji would just have to add a separate body-controlled menu item or something to allow more direct electronic control.

And thats the issue. Im not sure Fuji would be willing to add that in camera aperture adjustment just for a 3rd party adapter. I could be wrong though, Fuji seems to listen to its customer base. If any company would make a change for that reason alone, it'd be Fuji

The electronic control for the 18-55 is on the lens but not marked, so it really works like a +/- control. If that really all the signal that needs to be sent to the body, that would be very easy to do with two soft buttons on the adapter. Just another alternative, though certainly would drive up the cost.

The real problem may be that the electronic controls may only speak to official lens with fuji firmware.

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