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Re: Anti-shock delay solution?

Anders W wrote:

Rick880 wrote:

Reading all these responses, it makes me wonder if E-M5's designers noticed that shutter shock could be a serious issue with some lenses, especially at long focal length, and thus put in the anti-shock delay solution to mitigate it. Just my observation.

The anti-shock setting is available on all Oly MFT cameras. It wasn't introduced with the E-M5. Its primary purpose (it can also be used for time-lapse shooting) all along has been to eliminate the impact of shock caused by the first part of shutter action (shutter closing prior to exposure).

I think every film shooter will attest to "mirror slap" being an issue at almost the exact same shutter speeds as shutter shock is in mirrorless cameras.  Something that I don't understand though is that people are saying certain lens combinations elminate shutter shock and others lenses don't.  LONGER focal lengths should exagerate it for the same reasons long lenses exagerate hand shake.  If there are some longer lenses that are reducing the shock, could it be that their design has some sort of dampening effect?

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