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Lmendy wrote:

I am considering the purchase of the G1X. Years ago I owned several G cameras and enjoyed using them. I have done some research and I like what I have seen in regards to image quality with this camera. I like the swivel LCD and generally it would suit my needs. I am not crazy about some of these smaller cameras. I prefer something a little more substantial in my hands, but something I will not mind lugging around all day.

My biggest concern is autofocus. I rarely if ever shoot sports (and I have DSLR for that). I generally shoot outdoors in good light. I do shoot in museums (where you cannot use a tripod or flash) and other interiors (restaurants, stores etc). Generally these locations are well lit, but obviously, I will be shooting at higher iso.

I have read that the G1X auto focus is terrible, but I always take reviews with a grain of salt. I know that folks generally get use to or develop work arounds with the weaker parts of camera handling. Also, the reviews were written when the G1X was first released and if Canon has developed some firmware upgrades to improve the auto focus, it would certainly help in my decision process.

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The G1x is slow to focus but accurate. It struggles in very low light but the lens is great and if your subjects are still it can be very versatile.

I shot it a lot at night handheld and was getting a lot of keepers at 1/8 sec.

High ISO performance blows away camera with smaller sensors but isn't up to the best APS-C competitors. 2.8 puts you a stop or two behind most ILC's too. If low-light is your primary use it's a good choice but only "best of class" if you limit your selection to cameras with fixed lenses.

In good light, slow focus aside, it shines.

I wouldn't put any with in firmware updates. Canon seem to have abandoned it. Perhaps the next EOS-M will be the ILC which makes the G1X redundant.

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