X100 vs X-Pro 1 vs Sony RX100 indoors

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Re: X100 vs X-Pro 1 vs Sony RX100 indoors

Joachim Gerstl wrote:

bartjeej wrote:

Nice review.

One comment though: the RX100's (or any other camera's) high MP count only becomes a "disadvantage" in terms of unsharp photos (due to camera movement) if you view the results at 100% (or any other percentage). If each pixel covers a smaller area of the scene, it logically requires a smaller movement to result in image blur at pixel level (viewing a higher-MP sensor at 100% is basically the same as zooming in further). However, at a given (absolute) output size (say, a 20x30 print or as wallpaper on your computer), there shouldn't be a difference in shake-induced blur between a high-MP and a low-MP sensor.


Interesting statement. I have read that high MP cameras are more prone to camera shake and that is also my personal experience. The least critical camera of the three is the X100 but of course mostly because of it's leaf shutter.

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It is not prone to more shake - it is that pixel peeping on high MP will show far more of it - because in reality, by pixel peeping low MP and High MP we are comparing two different things at two different scales.

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