5DMKII outer points are terrible?

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Re: Was it this duck that was fuzzy?

Timbukto wrote:

Here is a 1:1 crop. The only other duck that was fuzzy was the duck whose head is tack sharp but body is OOF due to thin DOF.

The biggest fuzzy was the last shot I had where resizing minimized the fuzzyness. Otherwise all other pictures were like this crop example, they held up well for 1:1. Actually this shot is one of the further distances as well, so of course 1:1's of closer subjects generally look better. Also I know people say I need to try more 'tracking', but none of the birds, including the bird below, are just always sitting still for the perfect photo op. They are always moving their heads, looking about, or waddling, etc.

This is not only a demonstration of outer point AF, but a demonstration of the 85mm 1.8 which also gets a reputation for being soft at non-center!

I think a lot of the perception of sharpness was the flat lighting in the above and putting more PP work had I wanted the subject to pop out more in the overall frame of the picture. As it is currently, it just shows mother nature at work with a duck that blends pretty well with the background. Its really just a tiny percentage of the frame anyhow so I think the performance is pretty good for this one all things considered. Let me know if it was another duck you felt was fuzzy and I'll 1:1 it.

Are these taken with one-shot? I have occasionally used the outer AF points with good results in good or decent light, however, in Al-Servo, no such luck. I have decided to keep my 5D II for a few more years, but the weakness of the outer points in Al-Servo mode is the real Achilles heel of this camera IMHO.

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