Why to pay a fortune for PW system?

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Ellis Vener
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Re: The Quantum QFlash system

"So, is the Quantum the all in one lighting solution for location and studio?"

Depending on the kind of work you do: Maybe. For the range of work I do, no it isn't. The best thing Quantim makes is the Turbo 3battery which is awesome. I've used their flash system. It's good but I prefer working with Canon or Nikon (depending on the system I am using) TTL controlled "smart flash" systems.

I use and prefer Pocketwizard triggering systems for a very simple reason: reliability.

If you are making your living from photography you need to deliver results not excuses and you also need to be able to use your time and more importantly your client's time efficiently. I've been using radio triggering systems since the mid 1980s and switched to Pocketwizards in the mid '90s. I now use MultiMAX and ControlTL systems. My experience over thousands of commercial and professional assignments, many in extremely challenging industrial situations, is that they are 99.999% reliable.

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