NEX 6 with Novoflex getting light leak

Started Jan 28, 2013 | Discussions thread
nosnoop Senior Member • Posts: 1,694
Re: NEX 6 with Novoflex getting light leak

halbraun wrote:

I guess more $$$ does not necessarily equate to better in adapters. All my adapters have been $12 - $20 and none have leaked light..

Actually, many adapters can potentially have light leak, just not very noticeable under normal circumstances.

I am using a Fotodiox NEX-PK adapter, and I have not seen any light leak on any of the photos I took. But if I go into a dark room, look into the lens front element and shine a very bright LED flashlight right at the adapter release button, I can see small amount of light leak into the camera. I suppose it is very small amount that it is not significant in the photos that I took.

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