5d Mark iii and Canon 14mm 2.8

Started Jan 25, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Too wide for much use

If you place your family close to the lens so they fill most of the frame. and the colliseum in the background, chances are the collesium will be so tiny you won't see it anyway.

A 14mm lens works best when you make very large prints, so the tiny objects in the picture are big enough to see.

If you go to Venice, there's less danger of backing up to get people into the frame and ending up in a canal yourself.

What's your end result? If you want to have a dozen framed 12 x 18 prints on your wall, you might find it useful. For slide shows presented on television, the extra coverage on the edges that you need for 16:9 high def TV can be chapped off of 4:3 conventional TV or many computer projectors.

Will you come back to the forum and show us some of your 14mmphotos?



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