Camera for Capturing Horse Jumping

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Re: Camera for Capturing Horse Jumping

Freezing movement is more a property of the shutter speed of your camera. You could get ridiculous and buy a Nikon D4, as one poster suggests, and still get blurry pictures because you don't know how to handle it... you don't know how to control the shutter speed. You do need a dSLR because you really need to nail the timing of the jump and you don't want to be slightly behind the action with a less responsive digital camera that has some shutter lag. Fast burst rates are not really relevant because with show jumping, you really want to time that shot nicely and not have a scatter gun approach which still misses the really good shots.

Okay, so you need a dSLR for the responsiveness, and you need to control shutter speed. Beginner cameras may have a Sports mode that would work well for you until you learn how to control the camera for yourself.

Any entry-level camera with a twin lens kit should start you off nicely. I suggest one with an optical viewfinder as they're more snappy and have no lag. Try a Nikon or a Canon.

Pre-focusing the camera is one trick and leaves you to concentrate on the timing of the shot. You can do this with jumping horses in profile quite easily. You can get into more tricksy shots when you have some more experience with the camera. Timing the shot is easy. Nailing the focus with dSLR is a little more difficult so when you start, keep things simple.

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