Night shots with the Fujifilm X-E1

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Re: Night shots with the Fujifilm X-E1

BillyInya wrote:

For goodness sake Zardoz. Stop being relentlessly negative and argumentative just for once will you. People must be so fed up with it.

Why don't you stick to the topic of conversation? General accusations are a waste of time, especially when unfounded.

Do you mean to say you are completely unable to even remotely ascertain the quality of an image unless you have the exact full size image in front of you?

It's quite clear what I said, and what it was in response to. There is no negativity, merely correction. In this case, correcting (again) your belief that observing the behavior of raw conversion software from heavily downscaled images is representative.

There are known, well documented issues with Lightroom's current X-Trans conversion. Many of them will not be immediately apparent in heavily downscaled images (in this case, less than a quarter of the original information is left). The linked site documents which version of Lightroom was used to process the images, and it's well known that that version suffers from said problems. Therefore, your conclusion that it does a "perfect job" is based on flawed assumptions.

Additionally, making assumptions about resolution based on heavily downscaled images with unknown post-processing applied will also result in flawed conclusions. Yet you've claimed the "sheer detail" is "amazing for a 16MP sensor". From 2400x1600 images, you simply can't tell if the sensor is 8, 16, or 200 megapixels.

You could quite easily post a link to images without making incorrect claims about them; then the thread would contain discussion of the images rather than corrections of your claims.

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