OM-D E-M5 a huge disappointment for me...

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Re: Just wondering...

Art_P wrote:

Are you using the OM-D with or w/o grip?

I'm wondering if that makes a difference- the added mass might buffer shock?

Another thing to wonder about- do some cameras have weaker electromagnets, or perhaps not properly calibrated?

I find the IS is good on my camera, but not good enough for a handheld 2 second exposure... I do better braced against a tree though, and don't take out the tripod as often as I did w the E-520.

One more thing- most of the accounts of shutter shock I remember reading about occurred at specific shutter speeds, faster or slower and it went away, IIRC. Does your issue occur at only one shutter speed or across the board.

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At this stage don't think that IS is the culprit...  What I find is that it is nearly impossible for me to get good sharp results hand holding in the 1/8 - 1/200 range without introducing an anti-shock delay.  Once the anti-shock delay is introduced the camera behavior with respect to hand held shots is more in line with what I expect.  My feeling is that I am a victim of "shutter shock"...

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