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Re: AF-ON with AFS

michaeladawson wrote:

Paul Spatafora wrote:

So if I understand you correctly, I set the camera to the following: AFS, AF-ON, Focus Priority. The result is that the AF-ON must be activated and the shutter tripped at the same time. Take your thumb off the AF-On button and the camera reverts back to AFC. Is that correct?

No. I was answering Robin on a specific configuration. You're mixing things up.

Choose what you want... AF-C or AF-S. Set the menu to AF-ON Only. You set Focus Priority so that when you press the AF-ON button a subsequent press of the shutter button will not trip the shutter unless you have achieved focus lock. You do not have to press them "at the same time". However, the AF-ON button has to remain pressed the whole time. If you do not have the AF-ON button pressed then pressing the shutter button will release the shutter no matter whether the subject under the AF point is in focus or not.

Taking your finger off the AF-ON button does not revert the camera to AF-C, it reverts it to "release priority".

That works for me. I can have the AFC setup with the AFC, AF-ON, Release for an alternative method. The other thing I noticed is that I have to make sure that I use the center AF sensors to make sure I have cross sensors. The out sensors are poor when you have the camera in a horizontal position. Yes, I have read the thread that discussed this issue.

One last thing, on the multi selector center button, which setting do I select to have one touch 100% view? Low, medium or large?

It's in the Controls sub-menu I believe (if you have a D800, you can't do it with a D600). I have mine set to show the histogram. I don't know the specific menu item. If you don't find it in the Controls sub-menu it's in the Playback menu.

I just saw Robin's response. I see I misunderstood this question. Yes, I think it is medium. Not sure though. Setting it to high seems to put you one step away from full zoom, which I think is two steps in from 100%. So maybe medium is right??? I'm totally talking from vague memory here so I may very well have it wrong.

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Mike Dawson

Thanks, I got it.  I guess I didn't explain myself that well, but that what I meant. I meant to keep the AF-ON buttom constant.

Thanks again.


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