Help please: 75/1.8 instead of 35-100?

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Re: Help please: 75/1.8 instead of 35-100?

One thing that I feel I need to mention is the limitations of the OLY 75mm f1.8.

My recent experience with the 75mm f1.8 has been very sobering.  I shot in broad daylight and naively (read amateurishly) used f1.8 - f2.5 for images.

The shots came out overexposed and unsharp due to harsh light entering the large piece of glass.  I supposed getting a hood could help, but really, with the discussions that came in, the physical limitation of large aperture in strong light should be a concern.

So if you are planning for using it a lot for outdoor shots in good light I'd suggest you consider the 35-100mm instead.

As it is, I keep the 75mm as a portrait lens out of the bright sun.


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