Differences between Panny Lumix DMC-FZ200 & FZ60 (& LX7)

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Re: Remote control capability for Lumix DMC-FZ200

Markr041 wrote:

" If video is your primary concern, you should also consider the Sony HX200V - which many consider to be the best superzoom for video."

How exactly is the HX200 superior for video compared with the FZ200? And who thinks this?

The FZ200 has a better lens (faster at almost all focal lengths), a mic input, and many more manual controls for video. I do not see anything that makes the Hx200 a good alternative. It does have a better LCD, but a worse viewfinder by far. It's overload of pixels on the same size sensor as the FZ200 will only make it worse for low light video. It does have more telephoto reach, but at a very small aperture - f5.6.

Stephen McDonald on this forum has extensive video background and prefers the Sony over the Panasonic. Here's one of his recent posts:

There isn't anything like an HX200V. It has autofocusing and tracking abilities, especially for video, that are significantly better than superzoom cameras of other brands. This function works in bright light and also dim light. I've used mine enough and the two Sony predecessor models, to be able to appreciate its qualities. You'd make a mistake not to take a good look at it.

The FZ200 has undependable video autofocusing when panning and zooming. It gets worse in dimmer light. It's not likely you will hear this from anyone else here. This flaw is a deal-buster for me, but it seems to go without notice by others who participate on this forum. It's nothing new, as all the Panasonic FZ-Series models over the years, have the same characteristic. Why Panasonic isn't either willing or able to iron-out this problem, is a mystery. Do I sound very negative about this? It's because I really wanted to buy one for its many other video features that the HX200V doesn't have, but this issue made me forget that idea.


I do little video and have never used the HX200V, so my soft recommendation is based on Stephen's and other posts from my memory. I'm not saying not to get the FZ200 [as these two are probably the best superzooms for video] only that it's worth a look if video is of primary concern.

[BTW - I own the FZ200]

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