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Re: Zardoz exposed - so don't carry on

RJPeter wrote:

BillyInya wrote:

Zardoz wrote:

And yet again you make a list of accusations, and then fail to back even a single one of them up with evidence when called on it. Why don't you stick to facts?

Why don't you go in and apologize to Trudy for your behavior?


It is beyond me that someone would do that to a new person who is happily telling us all about her new camera purchase. Yes, she is positive and enthusiastic but you've certainly done your best to introduce her to the "ugly" side of these forums.

Are you going to be doing that to every new member who is happy and enthusiastic about their new Fujiflm camera?

Totally inappropriate if you ask me. You should apologize.


This sounds very like the x10 carry on, of about 12 months ago.

Anyone who had anything positive to say was branded a fanboy and hounded until they gave up taking part in anything to do with Fuji cameras.

I just hope the Mods can smooth things out a bit and keep asking for some respect.

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I agree. It is getting to the stage where people are too scared to say anything positive or show any enthusiasm at all for fear of being dragged over the coals by people who are relentlessly negative and go on the attack when something positive is observed and reported on.

The example I gave above, that being from one new member by the name of Trudy33 is a case in point. I hope she hasn't been scared away. Zardoz needs to apologize.


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