GR Digital V has an APS-C sensor

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Re: Only old and boring if images are old and boring...

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Midwest wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

We should not let growing heft get in the way (camera designers can work miracles) or the fact that great photographs are often the inspirational seizing of photographic opportunity by someone who really knows their game.

Very well said. One has to recognize the photo ops in the first place in order to capture them, and to me, flowers and ducks aren't photo ops.

MW where have you been?

I have a Canny Bones for your breath of fresh air response.

(Canon lens + Sony NEX + Metabones Speed Booster) so far so good but a bit housebound by heavy rain and high winds. Reduced to ducks and flowers (grin).

Meanwile a little waving around of a Canon 50mm (equiv a little more on the Speed Booster) f1.2 (equiv f 0.90 on the Speed Booster) promises to be the greayest street shooting combo known. If hefty. Maybe the plastic 50/1.8 is lighter and more practical?

Just when I have bedded in the fun of the pentax Q, Metabones brings out the device I have been waiting for years for Canon to make, pity I have to get a Sony to make it work. (Not that there is anything wrong with the NEX).

Now all I need is the announcement from Ricoh that I have been waiting to hear (whatever it might be) and I have spent my next five christmas allocations.

Never fear, if the Metabones Speed Booster catches on Canon is bound to make smething similar, best built into a body as Canon hold all the aces here and others can only live with compromise.

Tom, the 50mm f/1.8 "plastic fantastic" weighs 4.9 ounces complete with both caps, front and rear. Some point out that it's sharpest stopped down a couple of stops and that's probably true. If there's a big drawback I can see for you with this lens it's that the manual focus is in my opinion just a touch 'fiddly'. Presumably you'd be manual-focusing... so you'd turn the AF switch to MF to disengage the AF motor. Even so, it's not going to impress you with silky manual focus action. Canon knows most people are going to use it in AF, I expect.

I only use it in autofocus so that part isn't a problem for me. You can get an older Canon FD 50mm 1.8 for a bit less money perhaps but I don't know anything about it, except that I would bet it's twice as heavy. A new 'plastic' will run just over $100 which IMO is a heck of a deal. No stabilization, just autofocus (or manual).

Here's two samples from it, the first one wide open and the second one stopped down a bit. View them at 100% to get the best idea of how the lens is.

This one taken wide open at 1.8. I'm pleased with the sharpness. It may be just a slight touch soft but I was grabbing a quick shot of my son while my wife 'changed' him and I had to get a quick AF confirm and snap the shot before he turned his head.

I think the sharpness of the plastic fantastic is great in this shot, taken with my old Canon XSi.

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You don't TAKE a photo, you MAKE a photo.

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