AF-ON with AFS

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Re: AF-ON with AFS

So if I understand you correctly, I set the camera to the following: AFS, AF-ON, Focus Priority. The result is that the AF-ON must be activated and the shutter tripped at the same time. Take your thumb off the AF-On button and the camera reverts back to AFC. Is that correct?

That works for me. I can have the AFC setup with the AFC, AF-ON, Release for an alternative method. The other thing I noticed is that I have to make sure that I use the center AF sensors to make sure I have cross sensors. The out sensors are poor when you have the camera in a horizontal position. Yes, I have read the thread that discussed this issue.

One last thing, on the multi selector center button, which setting do I select to have one touch 100% view? Low, medium or large?

Thanks in advance.


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