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Re: Zardoz exposed - so don't carry on

RJPeter wrote:

BillyInya wrote:

Zardoz wrote:

And yet again you make a list of accusations, and then fail to back even a single one of them up with evidence when called on it. Why don't you stick to facts?

Why don't you go in and apologize to Trudy for your behavior?


It is beyond me that someone would do that to a new person who is happily telling us all about her new camera purchase. Yes, she is positive and enthusiastic but you've certainly done your best to introduce her to the "ugly" side of these forums.

Are you going to be doing that to every new member who is happy and enthusiastic about their new Fujiflm camera?

Totally inappropriate if you ask me. You should apologize.


This sounds very like the x10 carry on, of about 12 months ago.

Anyone who had anything positive to say was branded a fanboy and hounded until they gave up taking part in anything to do with Fuji cameras.

Nice revisionist history.  The actual facts are that it was the fan boys who tried to shout down those who were unhappy with the defective sensor in the camera.  These people who were unhappy with spending $600 on a "premium" camera that could not take pictures that the average cell phone could, were slandered left and right by the fan boys.  Thankfully, the noise did NOT die down and Fujifilm, after first denying that there was a problem, finally accepted responsibility for their defective sensor and issued a recall.  Without such noise Fujifilm would never have coughed up the millions of dollars that it took to rush through a redesign of the sensor and then install them in thousands upon thousands of cameras.  We'd still have the defective original had the fan boys, or over zealous moderation been in place.

I just hope the Mods can smooth things out a bit and keep asking for some respect.

Yes, on BOTH sides.

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