Help please: 75/1.8 instead of 35-100?

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Re: The 75mm/f1.8 is a stunning lens.

Fred K wrote:

I've mostly used it on the street. Like these pictures:

Thanks Fred!

This is exactly why I am so tempted by the 75/1.8. All three of your images show how great this lens is wide open. The thing that amazes me with the combination of the 75/1.8 and the m4/3 format is the fact that if you could shoot a 150mm lens at f/1.8 in full frame (I don't think such a lens exists), the DOF would be so razor thin that you would never have close to the amount of sharpness you've captured throughout his face and hands. Sure, you could get his eyes in focus, but then his ears would be out of focus.

I think m4/3 gives us the best of both worlds. You get the speed of a f/1.8 lens, but the depth of field of a f/3.5 lens. I have no need to have a shallower depth of field than what you showed here, but have plenty of uses for the speed of shooting this lens wide open. And to see this level of sharpness wide open, WOW! Oh yeah, the separation from the background is fantastic.


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