What is mFT FoV?

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Re: Some comparisons

Guy Parsons wrote:

Just for fun I ran the same 9mm RAW image though Oly Viewer 2, with the first animated gif showing the difference between the default produced image and the image when manual distortion correction of 0 is applied and the lens information ignored, not as much change as I expected so I guess the Oly 9-18mm is not too wonky at 9mm.

Next the same RAW image through Silkypix Pro V5 and the default jpeg produced as image one and the maximum trim version resized to match this small frame as the second image of the pair in this animated gif. The default is from E-PL5 4608 x 3456 and the Silkypix maximum trim is 4640 x 3482.

Silkypix default and maximum trim

Not sure what it all proves but it does mean to me that quoted focal lengths and expected fields of view are all a bit nebulous.

Regards........ Guy

Interesting, Guy. That's a heck of a lot less difference than I'm seeing with the 12-35 at 12mm.  And I'm sure you're right about nebulousness, but I was just trying to figure out of all that "added space" I was seeing with my 12-35 was being included in the 12mm focal length FoV.  According to Anders it's not, and I suspect he's correct.  I'll do some measurements when I get a chance.

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