which would be the best raw processor for the XE-1?

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Re: which would be the best raw processor for the XE-1?

David Hardaway wrote:

You are welcome. However, in certain images you will still see a watercolor effect. In that case use Silkypix to export tiff or y444 jpg with demosaic at max and export option unsharp mask at 100%. I was able to match if not beat the c1 image from dpreview samples of the trolley. I will post the results from that if asked. I agree with another member that mentioned dpreview did not also co.pare Silkypix output i the comparisons. Easy to export tk tif and do the editing in lightroom or photoshop with excellent results.

Typing from my phone is causing typos.

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Excellent to mention Unsharp Mask. The details of Unsharp Mask settings (amount, radius and threshold) are too often overlooked, but nonetheless very important when comparing images apples-to-apples. Sometimes when a JPEG from a RAW file appears soft or lacks fine detail the cause is an Unsharp Mask setting and not the RAW file converter software.

I'd like to see your results from RFC-EX (Silkypix)...


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