A true D700 successor: D600 sensor in D800 body ... and fur gods sake, leave the damn video out!!!

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Re: A true D700 successor

csn wrote:

It's simple. Nikon is loosing sales because potential customers (like me) want neither the D600 (too entry level feel) nor the D800 (slow fps and cumbersome file size).

Show me the data. This is just speculation on your part. My speculation is that such a camera would mostly eat into Nikon sales of other models. The number of increased total sales may be insufficient to counteract the added cost of making, stocking, distributing, and advertising another body. If it ate into D800/E sales it would lower the quantities of 36 MP chips, raising their unit cost.

The D600 is an entry level FX body. Nikon could discount it a bit (which is already happening) and would sell zillion of them.

The D800/800E are specialist FX bodies with pixel counts in the stratosphere; they will always have their special place with landcape, product and studio artist who need that kind of image detail.

The world is changing. Resolution that was once acceptable is now too low. You just need to catch up. You think 24 MP is acceptable, but 36 MP is stratospheric. We are only talking about a linear resolution increase of about 20%, and file size increase of about 50%.

The rest who want a semi-pro 'jack-of-all-trade' FX body would be happy with the D750, which would nicely slot in between the D600/800 pair in the mid $2K price range.

Yes, this is a proliferation of bodies but it covers the entire FX market. Reading the posts in various Nikon related forums, one gets a sense that there is a giant hole in Nikon's FX line up, which needs some serious plugging.

The pros who need high fps and smaller file sizes have the D4. So, your complaint is really just that the D4 is to expensive.

I wonder why my 12 MP images are still selling then. One of the primary viewing devices is something like an iPhone or an iPad. I don't see most photographers needing 36 MP. Some yes, but not the majority. JMHO.

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