D600 multiple exposure

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Duncan C Veteran Member • Posts: 7,667
Re: D600 multiple exposure

rui oliveira wrote:

One thing I use a lot with my D300 is the multi exposure hability. I better say used to use, because all my stuff have been stolen past week, from my car!!!

Tears way, It´s time to save money to buy a D600 at least with 50mm f:1.8, But I must know first how many multiple shots can D600 take. As I think you all Know D300 can take 10 exposures in one frame, but in the D600 manual I can't be sure if it is 3 or 10.

Can you help me? Thanks

I don't use multiple exposure. I take more than one picture and combine them in PS. That gives me much more control. If you shoot a multiple exposure and it doesn't turn out you're stuck, whereas with separate images the possibilities are just about endless.

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