Imac G5: hard drive failure or worse....

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Re: Imac G5: hard drive failure or worse....

Unplug the power cord (not shutting of the power strip) physically unplug wait a few minutes.

Still unplug press the on button. Plug it back in and turn it on. Also note unplug any peripherals except mouse and key board when you disconnect the power cord.

A couple of things there is a pram battery, yes G5 could have bad capacitors and finally hard drive failure. If it boots up you could use disk utility to check the drive although your boot up CD would be better. But disk util may tell if something is wrong. Oh you will have to reset the date do not forget.

It may be time to look for a replacement. I have one of these orphaned Intel towers that have 32 bit EFI but at 10.7.5 it works fine but a lot of software is going 64 bit and will stop supporting 32 bit. You've already see that with PowerPC G5 chipset.

Lets us know what happens.


Lou Cioccio

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